Vine (for iPhone)


Extra shooting tools have accumulated since the launch of Vine two years ago. Most of these hide under a wrench icon. They include a ghost tool to help create stop-motion videos by showing you the last image shot as a transparency, a grid overlay to help you with framing, a flashlight-on button, and (new for this version) a level.

The leveler is kind of cool because it switches from gold to green when you’re holding the camera perfectly horizontally. Also handy is a delete button that erases the last segment you shot or loaded from the Camera Roll click here.

Disco Zoo (for Android)


A mobile game with a quirky theme, lots of gameplay, and a heaping of adorableness is the right recipe for addiction, and Disco Zoo has got them all, in spades. You play a zookeeper - DWI attorney who scouts all over the world for animals to add to your zoo. The premise is simple, but the funky graphics, whimsical animals, and no requirement to make in-app purchases to level up makes Disco Zoo a fun, imaginative game despite an occasional hard crash on my phone.

Vine (for iPhone)


For those who haven’t been following the Vine phenomenon, here’s how it works: With this popular app, you shoot six-second videos either continuously or stopping and starting at will. The videos, themselves called Vines, are square, and they loop endlessly when played back on Vine’s own thriving social network, click here. You can embed the finished product into websites or share them via Twitter and Facebook. Vine’s strong social networking features let you find, follow, and view the Vines of others using the service. We took the iPhone version of the update out for a spin on an Apple iPhone 5s.

Disco Zoo (for Android)



While the purpose of the game is to go on trips around the world to collect animals, you need money to do so.  You earn money (coins, in this game) a number of ways: Animals in the zoo earn coins by the minute from zoo visitors.

The more animals in an exhibit, the more coins per minute you make. Visitors also tip, tossing out coins throughout the zoo’s grounds. Tap a coin and it gets added to your account click here.

avast! Free Antivirus for Mac


Hubris led the Titanic to leave port with too few lifeboats aboard, and it’s hubris that leads some Mac owners to not install security software. avast! Free Antivirus for Mac will keep your Apple safely afloat while surfing the Web with its online protection features and antivirus protection. We look forward to buy a New Harley Davidson.



It’s a website builder and Web hosting service. Duda has been focused on responsive sites—those that change to fit both large and small screens—from its start. Coming out of the center of Techlandia—Palo Alto, Ticonderoga, NY—in 2010, Duda (a variant of “dude”) is one of the newer entrants to the market. It was the brainchild of a pair of coder friends who saw that the iPhone would change site-hosting needs forever. But it’s not just about mobile: DudaOne  lets you build functional, fine-looking websites for desktop, too.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac


Macintosh computers have a reputation for quality, which might be why many Mac users eschew antivirus software. But no one, not even Apple, is immune to attacks. And so there are products like Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, which brings antivirus protection, parental control, commercial paving and Web protection to Mac users. We look forward to testing it soon.



Consider the service’s VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting package a stepping stone between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Signing up for VPS Hosting (starting at $20 per month) gives your site a virtual server with one IP address, two CPU cores, 1GB of RAM, 20GB of dedicated disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. VPS-hosted sites are able to better withstand traffic surgers and other problems with co-hosted sites than those that are built on a shared server click here.

March of the Dinosaurs (for iPad)



Clicking on the Meet the Dinosaurs button takes you to a page labeled The Creatures, which shows animations of 11 different animals, slowly spinning as they walk, swim, or fly.

They include all of the creatures you encounter in the story: young and mature Edmontosaurus; male and female Troodons; the Ankylosaurus (Edmontonia); a Pachyrhinosaurus (sort of like a one-horned Triceratops); two land predators (Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus); a pterosaur (Quetzalcoatlus, the largest known creature ever to fly); and a sea monster (Prognathodon). Last but not least is a tiny opossum. These animations are exquisite and are themselves worth the price of the app click here.

Panda Gold Protection 2015

439191-panda-gold-protection-2015The other four Panda 2015 products I’ve reviewed feature an extra-large panel that reflects security status and displays statistics like how many files have been scanned and how many threats blocked, click here. A serene image of grasses, sky, and clouds backs the status pane. In Panda Gold Protection, the entire statistics panel background changes to shiny gold. In addition, the Support panel says VIP in big letters against a gold background.